Fantasy 2 will start into a new era soon!

Does your alliance have what it takes to win on fantasy 2? Let see who takes the top spot.

Admin Joe is awaiting you!

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Fantasy 1 in the free online game Battle Dawn just passed tick 500.

5 Relics have been already released and the alliance BoS was able to capture 2 of them.
But this can change quickly!

In a MMORPG game, the most exiting point is, that situations are always changing. High ranked alliances lose territory, Underdogs
are able to catch up using diplomacy, enemies becomes friends.

Nothing last forever.
So, even when BoS is at the moment high on power and score, its a long way to go till this era will end. Just log in, its free to play and without registration
to watch this new exciting era on the Flash game Battle Dawn.

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After some wicked battles and crazy fun fantasy 3 has reach its tick limit and brought that world into havoc….

Now havoc is over a new era has started.  I welcome all to join this quick pace world and see if you have what it takes to be the best.

As always ticks are paused for up to but no later then 24 hours to give plenty of people a chance to join fantasy 3 on tick 1.

When the ticks begin i will be giving out a wonderful tick 1 bonus to everyone. So good luck and be ready fantasy 3 is now ready for you

Play Online Strategy Game

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The world has start its new era!

You are welcome all to take the challange and try and control this crazy world… Who will be the top alliance this round.

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After an awesome round won by the COOL alliance, in a round where the very game creator himself was said to “kick it” with all you gamesters, Fantasy 4 has now started a new era!

Early joining players will enjoy a 10% discount for the first 100 ticks, and a random boost gifts from the admin between ticks 100 and 200.

This is a special benefit of joining early, so be sure to take advantage!

Who knows who you will find on F4  this era!

I look forward to seeing you there no matter who you are! :)

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Fantasy 3 starts its new era today and ticks will be frozen for up to 24 hours to allow plenty of people to join on tick 1 of this world.

As always all people who have joined the world by tick 1 will get a great tick 1 bonus when ticks have started.

As a reminder with the closing of Fantasy 6 Fantasy 3 now becomes a 3 tick a hour world. So i welcome everyone who played on Fantasy 6 to come on down and join up on fantasy 3 and let see if you can make some new friends and some new enemies

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Good luck!

Strategy War Games Online

Fantasy 2 has start its new era!
I welcome all to take the challange and try and control this crazy world…
Who will be the top alliance this round.
As always ticks are frozen for up to 24 hours to let plenty of people join the world and to let plenty of people get a wonderful tick 1 bonus.
The whole world is full of gamers who specially love to play Strategy War Games Online & hunt for quality fantasy games that they can play.
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Good luck,
Admin Joe


Free Multiplayer Online Game

Fantasy 1 has reset and is just waiting for you to place your castle!
Bring 9 friends, or team up with someone you don’t know, and fight for supremacy in what will hopefull be a interesting and thrilling round for you all :)

The world will unfreeze after being frozen for 12 hours at 1 PM GMT +2.

I hope to see you all there in our Free Multiplayer Online Game.

multiplayer online mmo

Battle Dawn Fantasy is a strategy game that plays differently than most multiplayer online mmo of the same genre. With a large map of fantasy realm serving as the backdrop, players create colonies, set up outposts and vie for control of ancient relics. Alliances must be formed and resources extracted to muster enough troops to capture all 10 relics and declaring victory, causing a new round to begin. There are four key resources in each of the three settings and the map’s geographically is generally limited to an aesthetic role. Make sure you will have allies that will help you in your way.

Do you think you have what it takes to capture the Relic and hold it for the most ticks?! Can you keep control when the world is against you?! If you think you have what it takes come to Spanish online fantasy games and give it your all.

Keepers of the Relic
World: Fantasy
Speed: 1 tick/hour
Team Limit: 3 players

online fantasy games